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Anti-Bullying Week shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year.  Bullying is unacceptable both in and out of school and should not be tolerated by anyone. If you know anyone who is being bullied please let a member of staff at the school know.

Anti-bullying Week

14-18 November 2016

stop bullying stand up.JPG#PGSstanduptobullying

Please see below this year's official Anti-Bullying Week film 2016.   It was made by St Helens College 14-16 Academy.


 Types of Bullying:

  • Physical (when someone pushes you, hits you or harms you in any way physically)
  • Name calling (bullied by name calling regularly and it is hurtful)
  • Social (leaving out, making plans and excluding others, etc.)
  • Cyberbullying (being bullied online, via mobile phone or on social networks)
  • Sexual (bullying includes unwanted sexual advances/comments, sexuality, spreading sexual rumours)

How bullying can make you feel:

  • Depressed/Anxious
  • Isolated & Withdrawn
  • Suicidal
  • Humiliated
  • Low/Upset
  • Angry/Frustrated
  • Blame yourself