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​Curriculum Area: English Key Stage 5  

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Bright Sparks Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5

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Why do we use the words 'princess' and 'madam' to describe someone who is being a nuisance, when the words 'prince' and 'sir' have only positive connotations? Can you explain the grammar of text messaging?  Do you ever read the back of shampoo bottles and wonder who picked those words and why?

English Language is a challenging and dynamic course that explores the links between language and gender, occupation, technology and power, as well as giving you the basic tools of analysis that you need in order to understand how English works all around us. You will be learning about grammar, phonology, semantics and pragmatics and making links across texts and theories in order to deepen your understanding of language. You will learn how children learn to speak, why we don't speak like Shakespeare anymore, and even begin to imagine how our language might change in the future. This course engages with the science behind our language, constantly asking how, why, when, where and what.

You will learn about:
· How the purpose, audience and genre of a text influences what is written

· How texts can be compared and contrasted

· How society influences language

· Different writing styles and techniques and how you can recreate them

· Child Language Acquisition

· How do children learn to speak, read and write?

· What are the links between reading and writing?

· What influence do parents have on the way children learn to talk?

· Language Change

Who can I speak to for more information?

For more information please speak to our Curriculum Area Leader for English, Mrs S Mann


English Literature  A Level

Do you have a love of reading and a critical mind? This demanding but rewarding course will encourage you to read a wide variety of British, American and European literature.

Texts currently studied cover both modern and classic periods, ranging from the 1600s to the 21st century. The best universities and high powered professions, such as Law, prize the analytical skills this course will give you above many others. It fits well with other Humanities A Levels such as History and Geography.

You will begin the course with the study of some of the most iconic American Literature of the twentieth century, and will read it alongside drama written at the same time, in order to fully explore the historical context of the literary works. This will build on your close analysis skills from GCSE and allow you to begin to interpret texts independently and offer alternative ideas and theories. Further texts integral to the British literary heritage will be studied throughout the course, studying our literary national treasures such as Shakespeare, Webster and Coleridge. Independent study will also allow you to pursue a detailed and sustained analysis of an area of literature of particular interest to you in a piece of extended coursework, to develop original and creative responses to a range of literary texts.

This course combines contemporary and classic texts offering a real breadth of literary study and is a must for avid readers. It also encourages you to become a critical reader, and will give you the confidence to approach any text with an open mind and a wealth of knowledge.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For more information please speak to our Curriculum Area Leader for English, Mrs S Mann