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 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fair Funding​ Campaign​​​​
Are you aware that there are only 3 maintained schools in the country which receive less basic entitlement funding per pupil than Penistone Grammar School ALC?



Dear Parents and Carers​​


A big thank you to everyone who made it to the briefing sessions on Saturday 4 March,  Monday 6 March and Thursday 16 March.   ​We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and their friends, family and children who have ​completed the government's consultation regarding the National Fair Funding proposal.​


Parental support for the work we do at Penistone Grammar School ALC has always been highly valued by us.  If there was ever a time when we have needed to call upon your support, it is now.​

As you will have no doubt seen in the press over recent months, school funding is at the forefront of the political arena and there have been many examples of schools and Local Authorities, such as West Sussex, taking drastic measures to highlight the financial challenges they face.  Our challenge is no less great; in fact we are in real terms one of the most poorly funded schools.  Of the 1,143 maintained secondary schools in the country, there are only 3 who receive less basic entitlement funding per pupil than us.

It is time now for Penistone Grammar School to ensure that our plight to achieve fairer funding is known and widely publicised.

Please click here or on the image below to direct you to C4 News and the  new 'fairer funding' changes presentation featuring Penistone Grammar School ALC  by Jackie Long C4 Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

Channel 4 News Fairfunding.JPG

​If we do not take action now, our school will be thrown into crisis.  We have a small window of opportunity to challenge the proposals put forward by the Government and ensure your children receive the funding they are entitled to, much earlier than the proposed implementation plan allows for.

We have held meetings to provide further information about our situation and most importantly, to let you know how you can help us to influence the decisions that are currently being made through the formal consultation (this closes on 22 March 2017).​  

For information from our Public Meetings  held on the 4 March and 6 March 2017, please click on the downloads below:

PGS NFF Phase 2 Consultation Guide_For Website.pdf

PGS NFF Phase 2 Consultation Guide_For Website.docx

PGS NFF Phase 2 Consultation Guide Appendix A.pdf

National Funding Formula Parents Meeting Presentation.pdf

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fair Funding​ Campaign​​​​​
BBC Radio 5 

Eugene Gallagher Vice Chair of Governors  Penistone Grammar School is  featured on Radio 5 Live Breakfast -

Please click here to listen to the broadcast


Guardian Newspaper Article

Please click here to download an article from the Guardian newspaper featuring a letter  from ​David O'Hara Chair of Governors, at Penistone Grammar School.​  22/03/2017​

ITV News

Evening News Broadcast Re​​port

How will your local school ​be affected by funding cuts, Please click here​ to link to the report and video of the broadcast featured on the 17 March 2017


BBC Look North

Lunchtime Look North News Broadcast 

Please click here to link to the lunchtime broadcast 


Guardian Newspaper Article

Jo Higgins, Principal article in the Guardian Newspaper

Please click here for the link to the feature in the Guardian Newspaper


BBC Radio Sheffield Toby Foster Breakfast Broadcast

Penistone Grammar School featured on the Toby Foster Breakfast programme on Tuesday 14 March 2017

Please click here for the link to the feature on BBC Radio Sheffield


BBC Radio 5 Broadcast

Please note Penistone Grammar School is featured between ​13:30 to 19:50 minutes 

Please clic​k here​​ for the link to BBC Radio 5


Updated Letter &  Information to Parents/Carers

Please click on the downloads for updated information emailed  to parents/carers

Follow up Fair Funding Letter to Parents.pdf

PGS NFF Phase 2 Consultation Guide.pdf

PGS NFF Phase 2 Consultation Guide Appendix A.pdf


Barnsley Chronicle Articles

Please clic​k here​​ to download the articles published in the Barnsley Chronicle newspaper  10/03/2017

Guardian Newspaper Article

Please click here​ to download an article from the Guardian newspaper featuring a letter of reply from ​Eugene Gallagher Vice-chair of Governors, at Penistone Grammar School. 09/03/2017