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 Meet the Team
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Mr Gillett

Director of Inclusion

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Mr Galvin

Head of Behaviour

​Mrs Howard

Head of Pastoral Care

Mrs Butler

Head of Attendance

Mrs Brookes-Ashton

Head of Transition

​Mrs Mann

Inclusion Team Assistant

​ ​

Student Support Team ​ ​

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Mrs Ogden.JPG

Mr Gregory.JPG

Miss Bayne.JPG

Miss Greenfield.JPG

​Miss Bayne

Lead Student Support Year 7

​Mrs Ogden

Student Support Year 11

​Mr Gregory

Student Support Year 10

Mrs Putsoane

Student Support Year 9 

​Miss Greenfield

Student Support Year 8

 Our House Team ​
The House system at PGS ALC is instrumental in helping all our students to recognise the part they play as members of our school community and the positive contributions they can make to their wider community.  The House system underpins our approach to tutor time, which is vertical delivered through 55 tutors, split between the 5 Houses.  Each tutor group is comprised of students from Year 11 to Year 7.

The history of PGS is important to us all and​​ this is reflected in the names of our Houses, all of which are significant for Penistone.

Heads of house 2017 18.JPG