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 News - Academic Year 2015-16​

​Herd of Sheffield - Little Herd!                                  This summer a herd of elephant sculptures have descended on Sheffield for the biggest public herd of sheffield logo.JPGart event the city has ever seen!  This exciting initiative brought to you by The Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art, businesses, communities, artists and schools, and will leave a lasting legacy for the city.

The Herd of Sheffield have been joined by smaller elephant calves, designed by local school children and teachers, which appear in herds across the city – to create the Little Herd!

Penistone Grammar School has a history of supporting the Children’s Hospital Charity our two elephants form part of the Herd of Sheffield and Little Herd this summer with the school expected to raise £500 for each sculpture.  The elephant calves are among 72 in the Little Herd  decorated by school groups. 

Our Little Herd Elephants at the Herd of Sheffield

                    Mahouts Elephant Festival                                                           Tabitha                       

elephant 1.jpg tabhita elephan.jpg


Both elephants.jpg Our Little Herd Elephants                                

Mahouts Elephant Festival

Students entered designs into the school competition where six designs were selected as winners by students from the textiles club.  Those students who were selected as winners won reward points, which were added to their House team points.  The favourite parts selected from each of the six winning designs were then merged to produce one creative design.  It was clear that there was a strong Indian theme with patterns and colours so students decided to further develop the theme to reflect the Mahouts Elephant Festival.

Created by: Miss Spaven’s Textiles Club



Elephants have an important place in the history, religion and culture of many countries.  Our elephant portrays its natural habitat of beauty, which transfers into the human world.  The main body shows the elephant’s habitat, along with the prints of other wild and vivid animals, which share its true home. The face and head represent human interaction with the elephant by using shapes and colours as decorative features.

Created by: Year 9 Art Group



Budding mathematician wows judges in University maths challenge

Press Release - Dated 19 April 2016Jack Sacks with certificate.JPG

A 12-year old maths prodigy has succeeded in a challenge set by the University of Lincoln, UK, which was designed to test GCSE and A Level pupils from across the country.

Jack Sacks (12) attends Penistone Grammar School in Sheffield. He was named as one of seven winners in Lincoln's Mathematics Challenge 2016, hosted by the University's School of Mathematics & Physics.   read more green.jpg


Languages Department visit to Paris 2016

During the Easter holidays 46 students from Years 10 to 13 spent four days in Paris with the PGS Languages Department.  The students  took in the sights of Paris  such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame cathedral, as well as going on a boat trip on the Seine.

visit to paris Group shot.JPG 

Click on the twitter link below for more information on our very enjoyable Modern Languages visit to Paris.

                    PGS Physical educational follow us on twitter logo.bmp     


DT Textiles News - Kay Heeley Angel Couture

Kay Heeley, designer for her brand Angel Couture (designs for Strictly Come Dancing Austria and Jane Macdonald) visited the school to speak to students, show her garments and designs and inspire them.

Angel couture.jpg angel couture logo.jpg

DT Textiles - Dress a Girl Around the WorldLogo.bmp

Dress a girl around the world project where we raised enough money to post the dresses alongside a £40.00 cheque to help with shipping costs.

After an initial request for fabrics and materials to be donated the response from teachers, parents and the local community was astonishing!  We had a fantastic donations of high quality fabrics and trimmings from Coats Craft UK which was amazing.

40 dresses were made by Textiles club and GCSE Textiles students.   or on the logo above for more information.

'Coats Crafts UK' also wrote an online blog on our students



DT Textiles - London Fashion Week September 2016

30 Year 9 students who are taking GCSE Textiles next year have recently started an after school project with Miss Spaven and fashion designer Debbie Wingham where they will design and make their own garment to wear at London fashion week on the runway in September of this year!​