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Curriculum Area: KS5 Performing Arts
KS4 Performing Arts  


The Visual & Performing Arts

Key Stage 5 Drama & Theatre Studies

what will i learn about icon.jpgDo you have you a passion for performance?  Would you like an insight into the wonderful diversity of theatre?  If so, this course is for you. You will learn  to analyse, interpret and create imaginative, stylish and effective theatre whilst developing as a competent theatre practitioner.  dramaKS5.jpg

This A Level is a new course with practical drama and theatre at its heart, and a rigorous academic standard. It is an active and creative course which aims to nurture your enthusiasm for and interest in theatre, as theatre maker, as critic, as analyst and as audience member. It includes contemporary practitioners, and assesses understanding and knowledge through devised and scripted rehearsal and performance, and a written paper.

Unit 1: Devising. You will be assessed on rehearsal process, performance and detailed written portfolio of 2500-3000 words. You will devise an original, assured ensemble piece of performance drama connecting theory and practice in exciting, imaginative ways developed over several weeks, using an extract of a published text as stimulus. 40%

Unit 2: Text in Performance. You will practically explore, rehearse and perform an extract as a group from a published text and perform a monologue from a contrasting second text. You are assessed on vocal and physical skills, characterisation and communication, and interpretation and intention. This is a public examined performance to a moderator. 20%

Unit 3: Theatre Makers in Practice. This written 150 minute exam is in three sections. 40%

A: An evaluation of a live theatre performance

B: Two extended essays from an actor's perspective informed by practical workshops and research exploring key elements of a first set text

C: One extended essay from a director's perspective demonstrating a re-visioned performance concept for a modern audience of a second set text, informed by practical workshops and research, illuminated by the work of a chosen theatre practitioner and a detailed understanding of the performance text in its original performance conditions.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about Drama and Theatre Studies please contact to Ms Z Rasheed, Course Leader for Drama and Theatre Studies or alternatively Mrs D Watkins Curriculum Area Leader for Visual & Performing Arts 

Key Stage 5 Music and Music Technology

what will i learn about icon.jpg   

A-Level Music is a subject which will allow you to further develop the listening, composing and performing skills that you will have developed through studying GCSE Music


A Level
Component 1 – Performing (30%): Final Performance of 8 minutes (solo or ensemble or both) of Grade 7 standard – Non Examined Coursework

Component 2 – Composing (30%): 2 Compositions – 1 free choice or free choice brief (min 4 minutes) and 1 brief, assessing technique (min 1 minute) – Together totalling 6 minutes – Non Examined Coursework

Component 3: Appraising (40%): 6 Areas of Study with 3 set works in each – Listening and Essay Writing – 2 Hour Exam

To fulfil your potential at A-Level Music it is essential that you are regularly involved within the school's extra-curricular activities and musical performance opportunities in the wider community.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about Music and Music Technology please contact to Mr Read, Course Leader for Music and Music Technology or alternatively  Mrs D Watkins Curriculum Area Leader for Visual & Performing Arts