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​ Prepared for Learning and
 School Uniform ​Information
Prepared for Learning


The purpose of the school's uniform policy is threefold –

  • For students to feel proud and part of a school community and represent the school positively in the local community and beyond.
  • To ensure that students feel equal in the school community irrespective of background.
  • For students to feel smart and professional in their learning and prepare them for the world of work.


The school will implement the policy below using a variety of methods –

  • Greeting and checks on the school entrance as students enter in a morning.
  • Checks by form tutors in tutor time.
  • Random spot checks by SLT of whole year groups/houses.
  • By classroom teachers and associate staff throughout the school day.


As set out in the September 2013 publication 'School Uniform – Guidance for governing bodies, school leader, school staff and local authorities', teachers can sanction students for breaching the school's rules on uniform in line with the schools behaviour policy.

Failure to comply with the school policy on uniform will result in one or more of the following –

  • Students placed in a lunchtime/after school detention in line with the schools preparation for learning sanctions.
  • Repeated refusal to wear the correct uniform will be placed in Seclusion in line with the schools sanction on defiance and failure to comply.


In line with the governments guidance from the September 2013 publication 'School Uniform – Guidance for governing bodies, school leader, school staff and local authorities' the schools blazer can be purchased from the school shop and the highest priority was given to cost and value for money for parents. Apart from the blazer and tie, all other items of uniform can be purchased from a variety of clothing shops and supermarkets. Good quality second hand blazers are available to purchase at a reduced rate and parents can also make a case in writing to the schools governing body for financial assistance.


Some religions or beliefs may preclude students from having to wear aspects of the school uniform in line with their human rights and equality and discrimination considerations. If this is the case then this should be put in writing to the schools governors. The school has the right however, in the promotion of cohesion, good order or for health and safety considerations, to restrict an individual's rights to manifest their religion or belief.


Complaints over the schools uniform policy should be made in writing to the Principal and Chair of Governors in line with the schools complaints policy.


  • In response to parental feedback we have decided to allow a range of skirts to be worn – box pleats, pleated, A line, pencil skirts and skater skirts are all acceptable.
  • However, these skirts must be black and reach at least the top of the knee.
  • The skirt must also not be skin tight. Skin tight is defined as showing wrinkles and creases on the legs. Lycra, stretchy material is unacceptable, as are jeggings/leggings.
  • Because a skirt/pair of trousers is bought from a school section of a shop it does not mean it meets our uniform policy.
  • Trousers must again not be skin tight. Skin tight is defined as showing wrinkles and creases on the legs.
  • Because trousers/skirts were acceptable in the last academic year does not mean they correspond to this policy. Please check your sons/daughters trousers/skirts and if in doubt please contact the school.


  • Shoes should be formal smart black leather shoes.
  • Following feedback from parents' suede and patent leather shoes are acceptable.
  • Again responding to parental feedback we have decided to allow smart ballet pumps. These should be plain black. They should not have accessories such as studs.
  • Shoes should have no branding visible. This includes black Nike ticks or any sporting logos. The only exception to this rule is Kicker loafers.
  • Boots are not acceptable. A boot is defined as anything that touches the ankle bone.


  • Nail varnish is not accepted. Students who have false or acrylic nails put on for special events must ensure they are removed before they come to school.
  • No bows, flowers or wide bands in hair. Thin 'alice bands' are permitted.
  • The correct house tie must be worn with no pulls, graffiti or hair clips on.
  • Jewellery is limited to one ring and one stud in each ear and a watch.
  • Students will be allowed to wear a subtle amount of makeup: Foundation, tinted moisturiser, concealer and mascara.
  • Stretcher style piercings are not permitted.
  • Long sleeved and coloured t-shirts must not be worn under white shirts
  • Belts must be black and decorative buckles, as below, are not permitted.
  • Hair must not be dyed bright colours or dip dyed. Natural hair colouring is acceptable.


All students must bring the following Basic Equipment to school every day in a pencil case (all basic equipment is available to purchase from our school shop):

  • Blue or black pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber and sharpener
  • Red pen for assessment
  • Green pen for improving (GfG)
  • Calculator

 In addition, it is recommended students also have the following Equipment for Excellence:

  • Highlighters
  • Fine liners
  • Maths set


  • Planner, pencil case & equipment on desk
  • Bag away (under desk or in bag stores)
  • Coats/jackets in your locker


  • Planners should have no graffiti on at all.
  • The front page should only have your name and form on.
  • It is not permitted to damage or remove the spiral binding from your planner.
  • No pages should be folded or pulled out.
  • Parents should sign the planner each week, not weeks in advance.


Items that are sold in the 'school' section of high-street stores don't always comply with our uniform policy. Please don't hesitate to contact school on 01226 762114 should you need further advice or information​​

Year 7 PE Kit (Liss Sport)
Please click here for the link  to Liss Sport for ordering the Year 7 PE kit

Aerosal Information

After careful consideration  decided to ban aerosols from school. This was implemented from Monday 15th February 2016.  The reason for this is that aerosols can have an adverse effect on the health of some students.  A number of schools have also taken the same action.

All students and staff are aware of this.    Kind regards,  Jo Higgins

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