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  Curriculum Area: Enterprise (Belief & Ethics)

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Key Stage 4 Belief and Ethics

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Religious Studies is taught over 5 hours per fortnight by subject specialists and is useful for a wide range of careers. You will gain subject knowledge and transferrable skills which are excellent for the workplace and wider world.

What will I learn about?

Belief and Ethics is a fascinating and useful subject in an ever changing world. Students will learn about two different faiths in detail (Christianity and Buddhism) and will be able to explore a wide range of ethical issues from a religious and secular viewpoint.  Students will have the opportunity to visit places of worship linked to Christianity and Buddhism


The life and teachings of the Buddha; Enlightenment; Suffering; Worship and celebrations; Meditation - with the opportunity to practise with a Buddhist Monk or Nun (optional); Buddhist Ethics.


Christian beliefs about the religion and how these are practised; Baptism; Food Banks; Heaven and Hell;  Worship and Celebrations; Pilgrimage; The role of Christianity around the World amongst others.

Religion and Life

How the Universe was Created; The Environment; Animal Rights; Pro Life vs Pro Choice; Euthanasia and Suicide

Religion, Peace and Conflict

Peace; Violence, Terrorism; Just War; Holy War; Pacifism; Nuclear War

Religion, Crime and Punishment

Good and Evil, Reasons People Commit Crimes; Unjust Laws; Different Crimes; Reasons for Punishing People; Prison and the Death Penalty

Religion, Human Rights and Justice

Human Rights, Religious Attitudes to Rights, Equality, Persecution, Different Types of Prejudice

How will my work be assessed?

Students will sit two 1 hour 45 minute exams in Year 11. There is no controlled assessment or course work. There are a range of short and long answer extended questions.

What future opportunities can this lead to?

Belief and Ethics is suitable for a range of different careers including teaching, social care, armed forces, medicine, diplomatic services, or any jobs involving working with people.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about Belief and Ethics please speak to  Mr Stevenson, Curriculum Area Leader: Enterprise