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  Sports News - Skiing Flachua Austria

What a fantastic week! Great snow, brilliant bright blue skies, a beautiful resort, six excellent staff... oh and 42 fabulous students!

We took lots of beginners this year, all of which were up at the top of the mountain by the third day and progressed rapidly and beamed with proudness along the way! The advanced group went on their own adventures visiting different resorts throughout the week, covering a huge distance into Wagrain and Ampledorf.   We have no funny falls to report back this year...oh except the huge one where Miss Bancroft took out Mr Dobson and he did approximately 4 rolls off piste in the powder...Whoops! The skiing conditions though were the best most of us had ever had and it just topped off an amazing week, with great company!

ski trip photo 2.JPGOur evening activities this year included playing an Austrian version of Curling - we discovered some true sport stars and made up  our own game of who could slide it the furthest... unfortunately nobody could beat Mr Dowle! Another evening activity included  swimming.   The pool was very stylish, including an amazing wave pool, diving boards, outside whirl pool, relaxation pools, Jacuzzis, and three slides!  We also went to an Ice Hockey match, where our very own Georgina White went onto the ice at half time to have a go at scoring form the half way line and I am proud to say she was amazing on the ice! Lots of students got fully into the match cheering and booing away and some even bought the teams shirts to wear.   Also,  lets not forget the famous PGS staff quiz that we did one night - which I think is Mr Berry's favourite evening and the one that all staff take the most serious - especially the Disney round!

Overall the week was very enjoyable, including great skiing and it was extremely pleasing to hear so many of the students be asking on the way home if they could sign up for next year... In our eyes that a sign of a very successful school ski trip!

Miss K Bancroft