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 Curriculum Area: Computing  

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Key Stage 4 Computer Science

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Why should I study GCSE Computer Science and what will I learn?

Computing is a 'Science' and as such, is recognised as a high-quality academic subject and held in high regard by Colleges and Universities).

Computational thinking skills can be applied in all your subjects and this course would be very suitable for you if you enjoy mathematics and physics.  You will need to be resilient and prepared to 'think out of the box'.  Programming is a very different style of learning and a practical skill which requires a great level of patience as you must be prepared to comb through code to find errors and solve problems. However those who have a logical mind, enjoy solving problems and who want to delve beneath the casing of a computer will find this course very enjoyable and immensely rewarding.

How will my work be assessed?

Edexcel Type Weighting

Paper  1 1.5hr


Written examination marked by exam board which will assess computational thinking, problem solving, code tracing and applied computing as well as theatrical knowledge of computer science.

40% of the qualification

Paper 2 1.5hr


Written examination marked by the exam board which will assess understanding of the theory of Computer Science through a mix of multiple choice, short answer, long answer and extended response questions.

40% of the qualification

Non-Exam Assessment (NEA)

Controlled assessment (20 hours):  students will conduct an investigation which will result in them  writing programs in Python to create solutions for a problem set by the exam board.

20% of the qualification


What future opportunities can this course lead to?

Students choosing this course will be well prepared to take an A level or equivalent Computer Science qualification in the Post 16 Centre or other further education establishments.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about Computing please contact Miss Cusworth, Subject Leader: ICT & Computing

Cambridge National Certificate in ICT

Why study Cambridge National Certificate in ICT?

  • The use of Computers, electronic devices and Smart Phones impacts on our daily lives and employers in almost any of today's industries will value a qualification which demonstrates that you can use technology effectively.
  • The course fosters creativity and innovation covering three themes; Business Information Systems, Creative Technology and ICT development offering you a balanced skill set which will support you both in your educational and working life.
  • You will complete a combination of coursework and exams giving you the opportunity to develop key skills important to the future academic studies and employment. These include project and time management, research, investigation and presentation skills, self-reflection, independence and the ability to work to deadlines
  • This course is suitable for all students at a Level 1 or Level 2 qualification, which counts towards Progress 8. The Level 2 Certificate entry is the equivalent to a full GCSE and is graded at Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*.
  • This course will enable you to continue your ICT skills development; provide a solid foundation to progress on to other Level 3 Computing courses; achieve a qualification which demonstrates practical ICT skills to prospective employers or allow you to simply learn more about technology in industry and how you can use it to support you throughout your life.

How will my work be assessed?

What future opportunities can this course lead to?

Students choosing this course will be well prepared to take a Computing A level, Apprenticeship or other equivalent Level 3 IT qualifications in subject areas such as Computing, Creative and Digital Media and technology, Web Development,

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about Computing please speak to  Miss Cusworth, Subject leader of Computing


Key Stage 5 Computing


what will i learn about icon.jpgChoosing A Level Computer Science will provide students with a stimulating study of computer science fit for the 21st century which will enable them to progress within the IT industry; equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to continue with university programs or progress on to industry qualifications such as Microsoft and Cisco.

The course:

· Focuses on effective programming techniques in Python and Pseudo code and builds on programming techniques studied in GCSE Computing.

· Puts computational thinking at its core and will appeal to those who enjoy solving problems, designing systems and investigating human and machine intelligence.

· Provides opportunities for students to investigate and debate recent advancements in computer science.

· Allows students to apply the academic principles learned in the classroom to real world systems in an exciting and engaging manner through an independent project with a client.

· Demonstrates how principles from other subjects such as Mathematics and Physics are combined with computational theory to enable computer systems to process and store data.

In Year 1 students will study:
· Theory of Computer System Fundamentals
· Effective Programming Techniques and Logical Methods

In Year 2 students will study:
· Advanced Computer Science Theory
· Developing a Computing Project (NEA)

The course will appeal to students curious about how the incredible technology they use on a daily basis works.

Who can I speak to for more information?

For further information about Computing please contact Miss D Cusworth, Course Leader for Comuting