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School SEND Offer (Secondary)


Welcome to our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) information website. We invite you to read about the variety of ways in which we are able to support your child to reach their full potential in order to ensure a successful transition into adult life.

Penistone Grammar School ALC is a fully inclusive school and we believe that all students should be valued and treated with respect.  

The school works with due regard to the new SEN Code of Practice (2014) and the Disability Equality Act. The new SEND Code of practice outlines a new plan of support for students with SEND.

The new plan to support SEND students is called the birth to 25 plan.The birth to 25 plans will replace Statements with the aim to stream-line and bring together pre, primary, secondary and post education under one umbrella in ensuring that we identify, monitor and meet the needs of our students with SEND under one single category.

Some students with SEND will require an Education and Health Care Plan (EHP) This plan will ensure the joint responsibility of key outside agencies and key staff in school to work together to ensure a positive outcome for the SEND student. The plan stays with the student right through from pre nursery up to further education.

For the first time, Post 16 education will have to adhere to the SEND Code of practice.

Not all SEND students require an Education and Health Plan. The plan is for SEND students who have what is called High Needs in school. These are for students who have complex needs and will require support beyond that of good quality wave one teaching in the classroom.

For many SEND students, their individual needs can be met and supported through accessing tailored resources and tasks in the classroom to meet their needs.  

The Education and Health plan will replace existing Statements as from September 2014 and students who require additional SEND support will be identified under what is now called a graduated response to meeting needs. Penistone Grammar School ALC's SEND policy outlines our approach to identifying and supporting SEND students to ensure that all groups of learners make good to outstanding progress across all three Key Stages. We promote a fully inclusive policy with all students attending mainstream lessons to access high quality teaching and learning to meet the needs of all learners.

We are committed to narrowing the attainment gap between the students with SEND and their non-SEND peers with the expectation that all SEND students will make good to outstanding progress. We are working to achieve this in variety of different ways.

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Ruth Grierson and our SEN Governor is Linda Lister.

Our SEN policy can be found on the school website.


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