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Celebrating Success

Student of the Week - Autumn Term 2016 and Spring Term 2017

We ecourage all our students to live by our core values, particularly to be brave and determined in both their formal lessons and extra-curricular activities.  We have  a number of initiatives to celebrate the effort and achievements of our students including   STUDENT OF THE WEEK.  

Each week we  invite each curriculum area to nominate one student who has demonstrated outstanding effort.  To congratulate and celebrate their achievements, these students are invited to share morning break with Ms Higgins and Mr Crook.

Week commencing 27 March - Be Supportive​​

This week (week commencing 27 March 2017)  we are proud to congratulate the following students:​​​​


Congratulations to:​ Oliva Bradley (Y9 – from Mrs Smith), Olivia Allen (Y11 Design Technology), Sally Leigh (Y10 Design Technology), Anna Turnbull (Y11 Science),  Robert Jennings (Y13 Computer Science),  Zara Crossland (Y11 Health & Social Care), Lucy Anderton (Y13 Sociology), Lois Ogley (Y11 Business Studies), Carl Mellor (Y11 English) and Eva Dowkes (Y10 English)

Week commencing 20 March - Be Brave​​

We are also proud to congratulate the following students:​​​

Harriet Duffey (Y8 Science), Stefan Perunovic (Y11 Science), Amy Hinchliffe (Y11 Design Technology), Sally Robson (Y11 Design Technology), Corwin Smith-Walker (Y11 English), Abbie Gregory (Y10 English), Oliver Walker (Y9 MFL), Lily Cotton (Y11 MFL) and Oliver Toner (Y11 Computer Science)

Week commencing 13 March - Be Determined

We are also proud to congratulate the following students:​​


Congratulations to:  Thomas Shewring (Y8 Geography), Geordie Fairhurst (Y8 Science), Holly Slater (Y11 Science), Meghan Pritchett (Y11 English), Mai Wanseng (Y10 English), Charlotte King (Y10 Design Technology),  Daniel Govier (Y11 PE),  Abbie Gregory (Y10 Computer Science) and ​Priya Kaur (Y10 Computer Science)​

Week commencing 6 March - Aim High

This week  we are also proud to congratulate the following students:​​


Congratulations to:  Lois Ogley (Y11 Business Studies), Lily Cotton (Y11 Design Technology), Harrison Grogan (Y9 Computer Science), Owen Gregory (Y8 Enterprise), Matthew Shepherd (Y11 PE), Jacob Darby (Y11 Geography), Fiona Auckland (Y11 Design Technology) and Emma Cockings (Y13 English)​

Congratulations also to the following students not included on the photograph;  Abigail Bentley (Y11 Enterprise), Adam Crookes (Y11 Computer Science), Poppy Westrop (Y9 Geography), Lana Williams (Y11 English) and Isabelle Smith (Y11 Business Studies)

Week commencing 9 February - Be Supportive

This week  we are also  proud to congratulate the following students:​​


Congratulations to:  Daisy Airstone (Y11 Science), Adam Poulton (Y10 Science), Poppy Sheward-Skelton (Y11 Business Studies), Jonathan Hepworth (Y11 Form Tutor), Thomas Taylor (Y11 PE), Georgia Methley (Y11 Health & Social Care), Daisy Mellor (Y8 Maths), Kian Bennett (Y11 Maths), Ruby Kendrew (Y7 DT), Emily Nixon (Y7 DT) and Grace Maguire (Y11 DT)​

Week commencing 23 January 2017 - Be Determined

This week we are also also proud to congratulate the following students:​

photo wc 23 January.jpg

​Congratulations to: William Bateman (Y11 Science), Rohanbir Boparai (Y10 Science), Joseph Taylor (Y12 Psychology), Olivia Cobb (Y11 Health & Social Care), Sophia Parkin (Y9 Enterprise), Poppy Sheward-Skelton (Y11 Enterprise), Alastair Smith (Y11 History), Sally Robson (Y11 English), Abigail Gregory (Y10 English), Alex Bates (Y11 Computer Science) and Alex Coates (Y10 PE)

Week commencing 16 January 2017 - Be Proud

​This week  we are also  proud to congratulate the following students:​

student of the week 16 January photo (1).jpg

Congratulations to:  Lucy Stephenson-Brown (Y11 Science),​ Emily McGowan (Y8 MFL),​ Chloe Standhaven (Y11 Health & Social Care),​ Karina Pilberry (Y9 Science),​ Abigail Blackburn (Y11 English),​ Phoebe Brewis (Y11 Business Studies)​ Samuel Brankin (Y11 Business Studies) and​ Kian Ward (Y7 English)​.

Congratulations also to the following student not included on the photograph;  Dominic Kay (Y11 Enterprise)​ 

Week commencing 9 January 2017 - Be Proud

This week we are also  proud to congratulate the following students:

student of the week photo 9 January 2017.jpg 

Congratulations to:  Ty Combs (Y7 Bright Sparks), Frances Newton (Y8 Geography), Catherine Anderson (Y10 Science), Annabel Maw (Y9 History) Emily Smeaton (Y11 Science) andIsabelle Smith (Y11 Health & Social Care)

Congratulations also to the following students not included on the photograph;
Tegan Imrie (Y12 PE), Aiden Jackson (Y11 English), Joshua Senior (Y10 English), Georgia Taylor (Y9 MFL) and Bobbie Reynolds (Y11 MFL)

Week commencing 5 December 2016 - Be Brave

This week we are also proud to congratulate the following students:

student of the week w c 5 December 2016.JPG 

Congratulations to:  Poppy Sheward-Skelton (Y11 Science), Olivia Allen (Y11 DT), Isobel Hopkin (Y11 English), Molly Power (Y10 English), Ben Robinson (Y8 Geography) and Tobias Mainwaring-Parr (Y10 Science)

Congratulations also to the following students not included on the photograph;
Danny Barnett (Y11 PE), Meghan Pritchett (Y11 MFL and DT), George Furniss (Y7 MFL), Autumn Ullyott (Y10 PE), Andrew McDonald (Y8 History), Annie Eddy (Y11 History), Leon Pollard (Y11 Geography), Georgina White (Y12 Social Science) and Georgia Brooke (Y11 Social Science)


Week commencing 28 November 2016 - Be Determined

This week we are also  proud to congratulate the following students:

Student of the week w c 28 November 2016.JPG 

Rick Grisewood (Y10 DT), William Heath (Y10 Geography), Charlie Armitage (Y7 MFL), Madeline Gunson (Y11 DT), Olivia Camps (Y11 Mathematics), Jessica Watts (Y11 Business Studies), Chloe Standhaven (Y11 MFL), Kirsten Broadhead (Y11 Business Studies), Esme O'Hara (Y8 Mathematics), William Bateman (Y11 Computer Science) and Dominic Clarke (Y9 English)

Congratulations also to the following students not included on the photographs;  Jessica Fish (Y11 English), Danny Barnett (Y11 Geography),  Harry Peace (Y8 Computer Science), Elliot Wilson (Y10 PE) and Ben Secker (Y11 PE)


Week commencing 21 November 2016 - Aim High

This week we are also proud to congratulate the following students:


Jake Parkes (Y12 Visual and Performing Arts),  Adam Japp  (Y11 English) and Simon Jennings (Y11 Design Technology)

Congratulations also to the the following not included on the photograph; William Lancaster (Y10 Geography), Isabel Senior (Y7 Bright Sparks) and Elliott Skipper (Y10 Enterprise)​

Reward Events

Easter Fair 

We have high expectations for all our students and expect them to 'Aim High' in all they do.  We reward our students for demonstrating the drive and determination needed to achieve academic and pastoral excellence. 

Our experience-based bespoke rewards initiative, designed by a team of staff specifically for our students  provides a motivational and innovative approach to recognising and rewarding achievement.

Each half-term special reward events take place for those students who have achieved the required amount of points.  Events range from Celebraton Breakfasts and Easter Fayres to Summer Carnivals

Summer Carnival