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Welcome to the section of our website with our monthly update newsletter  from our Principal Jo Higgins celebrating all the amazing things happening at Penistone Grammar School ALC.  Please click on the links below to view or download the Newsletters.

Information regarding the February 2017 Principal's and Associate Principal's Monthly Update has recently been emailed to parents/carers of students attending our school - parents/carers if you have not received this information please email: with your details.

Principal's Monthly Update​ ​ ​
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Issue Febru​ary 2017​
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​Issue January 2017Issue December 2016​ ​​Issue November 2016​ ​ ​
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Issue October 2016Student Learning Visuals​ ​
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Issue Septembe​r 2016 Issue December 2015  Issue November 2015
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Issue October 2015  Issue September 2015​​ December 2014 Christmas Edition
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September 2014 Edition

Summer 2014 Edition

Spring 2014 Edition