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Information, Advice and Guidance

The Post 16 team take a holistic approach to the development and care of students at Penistone. In addition to academic needs, we do everything that we can to provide support and advice on a whole range of issues to ensure the confidence and wellbeing of our students.



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Mr N Stevens

Assistant Principal Post 16

​Mrs D Rostern

Assistant Head of Post 16

​Mrs A  Cunningham

Post 16 Administration and  Attendance Manager

Mr M Leigh

Post 16 Student Support Manager 


Students will have a personal tutor throughout their time in the Post 16 Centre. A students' relationship with their tutor is very important, as not only will the tutor offer pastoral guidance but also monitor academic targets and oversee attainment and achievement.  Students will have regular progress reviews with their personal tutor.  Mr Leigh is out Post 16 Support Manager.   Mrs Rostern, Assistant Head of Post 16, oversees students through every step of the UCAS process to ensure successful outcomes.


For enquiries at our Post 16 Centre - Email  

Telephone  01226 762114 - Option 3 

Please click on the links below for Bursary Information and UCAS Support
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