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 Student Transition Journey

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Transferring from Primary to Secondary school is an exhilarating experience we all have to encounter; for most of us, the nervousness we naturally feel is tempered by the excitement of a new beginning with unknown opportunities.

Here at Penistone Grammar School ALC, we strive to maintain that healthy balance of nervous excitement during the transition programme for our Year 6 students. We want Year 7 to get a flying start, which can only be achieved when all students feel safe, comfortable and supported here.   To that end, we have restructured our pastoral team to provide specialist transition support,  giving parents, students and primary school staff a coordinated programme through our Head of Admissions and Transition, Mrs Brookes-Ashton.

​Key Dates   Pre Entry – Year 6
Year 6 Taster Days at PGS
Wednesday 27 June 2018
Tuesday 3 July 2018

Post Entry – Year 7

​Autumn Term of Admission 2018 | First Day of Secondary School (date to be confirmed)


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