Charitable Fundraising


For the past four years we have supported the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity ( The Children’s Hospital is an incredible place, one of only four dedicated children’s hospitals across the country. It provides support for young people across Yorkshire, the midlands and beyond with state-of-the-art facilities and a worldwide reputation for outstanding care. It has touched and supported so many in our school community and we are passionate to continue to support this charity moving forward.

In the past four years we have raised over £35,000 for the charity and below is just a brief summary of some of the fantastic fundraising events we have been involved in.

Little Herd of Sheffield
We were delighted to have two elephants as part of the Little Herd of Sheffield trail which ran around Sheffield in the summer of 2016. Our two elephants reflected the diversity and strength of our local community and they now have pride of place looking down over our reception!

Sponsored Consultancy Room
When the new wing of the hospital was being built we were delighted to sponsor one of the consultancy rooms and the SLT were proud to go and visit it. The money we provided (well over £5000), helped extend the room by 4ft. This may seem like a small thing but it meant that both parents could be present to support their child at consultancy meetings without having the squeeze in. Equally it meant that wheelchair users could access each room.

In December for the past few years we have set our 50 mentor groups the challenge of raising £50 each in 50 days. Each year our mentor groups have smashed these targets, achieving over £7000 on each occasion. Students have thrown themselves into these activities, doing sponsored runs, shaving their heads, throwing sponges at staff, car washing and all manner of activities in-between. We look forward to continuing 50/50/50 in the future.

For the past four years we have had a light up snowflake on the side of the Children’s at Christmas. We were one of the first schools to do this and in 2019 we were given the honour of having the biggest star to recognise the money we had raised. Furthermore, the Principal Paul Crook was asked to turn the Christmas lights on that year.  ‘It was one of the proudest moments of my career, not just recognising the hard work of our students and wider community, but also knowing we were making an impact on the young people who needed it most.’ (Paul Crook)

For the past four years every Christmas we put together a hamper of goodies for staff who are working at the hospital over Christmas. We know that, whilst we are at home celebrating with our friends and family, they are working to look after sick and seriously ill children. We make sure there is a hamper for each ward and fill them full of chocolates, crisps, sweets, healthy goodies and non-alcoholic drinks. 

In December 2020 we want to support the charity more than ever as they had lost a number of major fundraising opportunities due to COVID. We therefore launched a raffle with prizes from hampers to hair cuts and days out. The raffle was incredibly support by local and national companies and we raised over £2000. 


Santa Dash
On 12th December 2020 18 intrepid staff set off to walk/run/cycle the equivalent distance between Penistone and the Children’s Hospital (14.1 miles). The local community rallied behind them and through mud, wind, rain, pain and exhaustion they covered the distance, collectively raising just short of £2000. The Santa Dash looks to become a part of our charity calendar and we look forward to opening it up to all our school community next year. 

Current Appeals
Please see below from the charity website the appeal we are currently working to support:
In this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, many of us have experienced for the first time in our lives the difficulties of social distancing, shielding and isolation. For many families of young patients staying on our Cancer and Leukaemia ward, these are daily realities of their treatment.

Our Oncology and Haematology department treat children from babies through to 19-year olds, in South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and as far south as Northampton. One of twenty principle treatment centres in the UK, we care for children with cancer and leukaemia as well as patients who have other blood problems such as bleeding and inherited disorders.

While many of us are able to distance in our homes, children are still receiving treatment on our ward in facilities which could be better. The care and attention from the doctors and nurses is second to none, but the facilities for the young patients do not match the quality of their treatment.

This is important because treatment often takes long periods of time. Around 25 bone marrow transplant patients are treated on our ward every year, staying for six to eight weeks at a time in isolation.

Even patients who require routine chemotherapy can stay for up to five days before going home, while sometimes other children may need care for over a year.

For many of our families home is wherever their child is, together we can create a new home which caters for all ages and will help some of our most vulnerable children in our society. Cancer & Leukaemia Ward (Ward 6) £2.75million