Art & Design

Available at KS3, 4 & 5. Includes Photography.

Department Vision Statement


Our vision at KS3 is to provide students with a wide-ranging curriculum promoting the view that Art & Design is a broad-spectrum subject that isn't narrowly defined by drawing and painting activities. As such, every student has the capacity to develop valuable, transferable skills and no matter how small their seed of ability, it can always be grown. At the heart of our vision is the commitment to instilling confidence in every student allowing them to develop a sense of self-worth and to have feelings of pride for their work. In order to achieve this, we encourage students to discover their own individual talents and to recognise that although these may vary from person to person, they are all equally valid. Our vision includes a strong support of literacy delivered through written tasks in our Schemes of Learning.This is at odds with traditional trends for Art & Design which tend to favour the predominant use of a visual language; our belief is that one enhances the other and contributes to the development of the whole child.

Exam Groups

Our vision for our exam groups is, in essence, the same as for KS3 but is enhanced by the opportunity we provide for students to capitalise on their strengths once they feel secure and confident in their learning. This feeling of security is key to enabling students to recognise that if something 'doesn't work' it is not a failure, just part of their learning journey. 

Our aim is that students will eventually specialise in their strongest discipline(s), but on occasions will have the confidence tomove out of their comfort zones and risk-take from a position of strength, thus achieving further growth.

Our ultimate goal (by the end of A Level if not before) is for students to become self-regulating, independent workers capable of accepting guidance and constructive criticism positively; both GCSE and A Level students will work on personal, self-identified briefs towards the end of each course.

Again, our vision encapsulates strong support for literacy. At GCSE this is via specific written tasks (although not an exam board requirement) and at A Level, the written element of the course is an important focus running parallel to practical work and with the expectation that the same academic rigour is applied as would be in any other A Level.