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Key Stages 3 & 4

In years 7 and 8 our focus is to develop the foundations needed for successful learning across a range of subjects. Students study English, Mathematics, Science and Languages (French and Spanish) for six hours per fortnight; History, Geography, PE and Technology for four hours per fortnight; Art, Drama, Music, Computing, Resilience (year 7 only) and PSHRCE  (Personal, Social, Health, Religious and Careers Education) for two hours per fortnight.


As they move into year 9, we enhance our students’ knowledge, skills and understanding as we prepare them for the next significant step in their learning journey. Recognising the importance of English and Mathematics as the cornerstones for learning, the amount of time students spend studying these key subjects is increased. Throughout year 9 students are  provided with opportunities to consider future pathways and to decide which subjects they would like to specialise in as they move into Key Stage 4.


In years 10 and 11 students take control of almost 40% of their learning, studying subjects that interest and enthuse them and which contribute to their longer-term goals and aspirations. At Key Stage 4 students  spend significantly more time studying core subjects: nine hours per fortnight of English and Mathematics, and ten hours per fortnight of core Science. We continue to recognise the importance of developing our students as well-rounded and healthy individuals and to this end our students participate in practical PE lessons and PSHRCE (two hours per fortnight). Please click here​ to view or download the latest Options booklet containing information on all subjects offered at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 5

We have an excellent Post-16 Centre; many of our students choose to stay with us and study subjects from the wide range of A levels on offer including Psychology, Sociology,  Government & Politics, Theatre Studies and Further Mathematics. Please click here to view or download our latest Post 16 Prospectus.