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Department Vision Statement


Key to the departments vision is the quote: “Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible” by Alan Turing as he developed a machine to crack the German Enigma code. The study of Computing is more than using the internet and Microsoft, it is about developing a vast knowledge across a platform of technology. Our vision for KS3 Computing is to deliver a curriculum that inspires a thirst for knowledge and love of learning within Computing through a rich curriculum fully of variety. We want to deliver a curriculum that will support students to develop computational thinking through problem solving to achieve further academic success and also provide students with the lifelong knowledge and skills that can be used in the workplace and everyday life.

Exam Groups

Our vision for KS4 is to build an inclusive curriculum from which all students can pursue a variety of career paths. We want to provide a broad curriculum that allows all levels of ability to gain a Computing qualification, by developing an engaging curriculum with a culture of high attainment for all. Key to this is high quality teaching and learning that is varied in developing knowledge and skills, which can be used across the curriculum and to support in every day life. The currculum will provide students with a strong foundation to study ICT or Computer Science at A level and University, helping develop the next generation of programmes, designers and IT leaders.

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