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PGS Foundation Trust – Sponsorship Grants

We have some cash sponsorship grants available for students.


These can be used to help students achieve their ambition or to recognise hard work and dedication in a particular discipline 

In the past grants have been awarded to help students with sports equipment/trips, music and arts projects. We also know many students do great work in our community and caring for family members. Grants can also be awarded to recognise this.  

Potentially we can award a grant of up to £250 for one student in each year group.  

If you would like to apply for your child or any other student, please complete the attached student sponsorship form and send it to

If you need any assistance applying for the grant, please do not let this stop you, get in touch and we will help.  

The decision on the grant will be made by the Penistone Grammar School Foundation Trust who meet termly throughout the academic year.  

There is no closing date for applications.

Yours sincerely


Mr D O’Hara
Foundation Governor

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