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Uniform Guidelines

Our uniform policy allows every member of our school to feel equal, irrespective of their background. By wearing the school uniform, our students feel smart, professional and prepared not only for their learning, but for the world of work. When students wear their uniform with pride, they represent our school positively in the local community and beyond.



Available in short (16”/40cm) or long (19”/48cm) length, our tie comes in 5 colours, each of which represents a House. Students must always wear the correct tie and keep this in good condition with no accessories attached to it. We may ask students to replace their tie if it has been pulled, damaged or graffitied.



Eco-friendly blazers are available in junior sizes (28” to 36”) and adult sizes (38” to 50”). Students must always wear their blazer when in the school building except for break and lunchtime when they will be permitted to remove it. Students are not permitted to wear a jumper or cardigan under their blazer; the sleeves should not be pushed or rolled up. In hot weather we will operate ‘no blazer’ days. Students will be notified of this via tannoy announcement daily.


Skirts and Trousers

Students are required to wear black trousers or a black skirt. For those choosing to wear a skirt, this must of a reasonable length and preserve the dignity of the wearer at all times (no more than 2.5”/5cm from the knee and of a style and shape that retains its length when moving). A variety of skirt styles are permitted including box pleats, A-line, pencil and skater. Black or white socks or black tights are to be worn with skirts. In terms of trousers; leggings, jeans and corduroy are not permitted.



Students are required to wear a white shirt under their blazer. Long and short sleeves are acceptable. The shirt must be long enough to be tucked into the trousers or skirt all the way around the waist. Shirts must be buttoned up to the collar with the tie clipped on. Long-sleeved and/or coloured t-shirts are not permitted under school shirts.



Students must wear formal, smart, black leather, suede or patent shoes to school with no visible branding (including sporting logos). Trainers of any description are not permitted including black leather trainers without markings. Boots (defined as anything that touches or comes above the ankle bone) are not accepted. Black ballet pumps should be plain black without any accessories, such as studs, bows or flowers.


Accessories, Hair and Make-up

Belts must be black with plain buckles; decorative buckles of any description are not be permitted. Hair accessories (such as bows, flowers and wide bands) are not permitted; however, thin Alice bands are. We do not allow extreme hairstyles. Students are permitted to wear subtle make-up limited to foundation, tinted moisturiser, concealer and mascara (make-up will not be classed as ‘subtle’ if it leaves a mark on the collar of the student’s shirt). False eyelashes are not permitted. Henna is only acceptable if it has been applied for religious purposes (please ensure your child has a note in their planner if this is the case). Students are not permitted to wear nail varnish, acrylic or false nails. In terms of jewellery, students can wear one pair of stud earrings (an earring in each ear; stretcher-style earrings are not permitted), and a watch. For health & safety purposes all jewellery must be removable for PE.


PE Kit

Students are required to wear our school Adidas PE kit which comprises of a red shirt, black shorts (both available in sizes 9-10yrs up to 2XL) and black socks (available in sizes 10.5 junior to 8.5 adult). Students are permitted to wear plain black ‘skins’ beneath their kit which can be purchased from any supplier.


Purchasing Uniform

Uniform Purchase online direct from our supplier Vortex at Uniform can be tried on in their shop at 2 & 3 Grange Lane, Industrial Estate, Carrwood Road, Stairfoot, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 5AS.


PE Kit

Purchase online direct from our supplier Liss Sport at Once ordered, uniform will be delivered to your home address (additional delivery charges will apply).



So we can support our students to become organised, resilient learners, we expect them to arrive at every lesson equipped for learning. The planner is central to all we do at Penistone Grammar School. Students will be provided with their planner either at the start of the school year or at the point of admission.


In addition, students are required to have a basic set of equipment stored in a pencil case (for students in years 10 and 11, the pencil case must be transparent to meet examination requirements) as follows: blue or black pens; red pen; green pen; pencil; eraser; ruler; calculator (Casio FX-83GTX or Casio FX-85GTY - the latter has a solar panel to support battery life); 360˚ protractor; maths set (including a compass); whiteboard pens; glue stick; earphones with a 3.5mm connector; PE kit (for PE).


All of these (with the exception of the PE kit and earphones) can be purchased from our school shop. Students may also choose to bring the following equipment for excellence: highlighters, fine liners, pencil sharpener.

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