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Uniform Expectations

At Penistone Grammar School we believe all students should Be Proud to be a part of our learning community. Our uniform policy allows every member of our school to feel equal, irrespective of their background. By wearing the school uniform, you can feel smart and professional in your learning, preparing you for the world of work. Wearing your school uniform with pride also allows you to represent Penistone Grammar School positively in the local community and beyond.  


  • You must always wear the correct House tie.  

  • Your tie must be kept in good condition with no pulls or graffiti and with no accessories attached (such as hair grips).  

Blazers, Jumpers and Coats

  • You must always wear your school blazer when in the school building. You may remove your blazer during breaks, lunchtimes and lessons.

  • You are permitted to wear an optional PGS House jumper under your blazer in colder months. Plain black jumpers are not permitted

  • You must not wear your blazer with rolled or pushed up sleeves.

  • You must remove your coat before entering school and store it in your bag or locker.

Skirts, Shorts and Trousers     

  • You must only wear black trousers, black tailored shorts or PGS school skirts.

  • If wearing a skirt, the school logo must be visible below the bottom of the blazer.

  • Black, cotton, tailored unbranded shorts are permitted to be worn with black or white unbranded ankle socks. No football or sports shorts. Shorts must be visible below the blazer.

  • Black or nude tights, or white or black unbranded ankle socks are permitted.

  • Leggings are not permitted.


  • Belts must be black with plain buckles.

  • Decorative buckles of any description will not be permitted.


  • You must wear a white shirt under your blazer.

  • Both long and short sleeved shirts are permitted.

  • Your shirt must be long enough to be tucked into your trousers, shorts or skirt.

  • Shirts must always be buttoned up to the collar with your tie clipped on.

  • Long sleeved and / or coloured t-shirts must not be worn under your school shirt. White vest tops and white t-shirts are permitted to be worn under shirts for warmth.


  • You are required to wear formal, smart, black leather, suede, or patent shoes to school. Black ballet pumps are permitted.

  • You are not permitted to wear trainers. This includes black leather trainers including those without markings.

  • Your school shoes should have no visible branding including Nike ticks or sporting logos.

  • Boots are not acceptable (a boot is defined as anything that touches or comes above the ankle bone). If boots are required to be worn for medical reasons, a note of this must be in your planner from your parents/carers.


  • You are permitted to wear nail polish (except when taking part in Food Technology practical lessons).

  • Acrylic or false nails must be removed for school for health and safety reasons. It is your responsibility to ensure any nails worn for celebrations such as weddings, are removed in time for school. 


  • You are permitted to wear subtle make-up; foundation; tinted moisturiser; concealer; mascara.

  • False eyelashes are not permitted.

  • Henna will only be acceptable if this has been applied for a religious festival.  In this circumstance you must ensure you have a note in your planner from your parents/carers.


  • You are permitted to wear one pair of stud earrings (an earring in each ear), stretchers are not permitted.

  • Facial piercings of any description are not permitted (including nose, eyebrow, lip, and tongue).

  • You are permitted to wear one ring on each hand. 

  • You are  to wear a watch (except for examinations). Smart watches are permitted with the message function disabled.

  • You must remove all jewellery for PE for health and safety reasons. 

  • You may wear one bracelet or charity band on each wrist.

  • Necklaces must be worn tucked inside your shirt collar

PE Kit

  • Indoor PE kit – PGS PE kit or: plain red t-shirt; plain black shorts, black football socks, trainers and hair bobble for long hair. An optional green PGS PE top for GCSE students.

  • Outdoor PE kit – PGS PE kit or: plain black tracksuit/joggings or PGS leggings, plain red or black jumper (no hoodies), black or red rain jacket, or black or red underlayer.

Please be aware that buying clothes from the school section of a high street shop does not mean they will necessarily comply with our uniform policy. If in doubt, please contact the school for guidance.

If there is an issue with school uniform, such as something breaking, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact school. If there has been no contact or there is no note in the planner, behaviour sanctions will be issued. 

Purchasing Uniform
Purchase online direct from our supplier Vortex at Uniform can be tried on in their shop at 2 & 3 Grange Lane, Industrial Estate, Carrwood Road, Stairfoot, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 5AS.

Purchasing PE Kit
Purchase online direct from our supplier Liss Sport at Once ordered, uniform will be delivered to your home address (additional delivery charges will apply).

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