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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

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Our Vision for SEND

At Penistone Grammar School, we believe that every single child deserves the opportunity to aim high and realise their potential. We are a supportive school and offer a warm, nurturing environment for all students to thrive.


PGS is a place where SEND is not viewed as a barrier to learning and students with SEND will have the same experience and opportunities as students without additional needs. We are committed to being a fully inclusive school which not only accepts diversity but celebrates it as something to be proud of.


Through quality first teaching in the classroom, all learners, regardless of level of need, will be able to access the highest standards of learning across a wide variety of curriculum-based subjects as well as learning valuable life skills. Students with SEND at PGS have access to a broad range of support options to allow them to succeed both during their time at school and beyond into adulthood.

A Message from the Principal

On behalf of students, staff and members of the Governing Body, I would like to officially welcome you to our learning community.

I am incredibly proud to be Principal of Penistone Grammar School and of all that our school continues to achieve. We have a dedicated team of teaching and associate colleagues who work tirelessly to provide an excellent educational experience for our young people. I am constantly overwhelmed by the lengths our staff will go to, to ensure every one of our students can flourish. Our Special Educational Needs Team are experienced, highly trained and place the students needs at the heart of all they do.

I believe an effective, open and transparent partnership between home and school is central to delivering the best for our students. We have an innate drive to deliver nothing short of the best. This is only achieved if students, staff and parents work in close collaboration; something which we will encourage and embrace as we move forward together.

Above all, our school is a happy and welcoming place. We are a supportive community where students are encouraged and enabled to become independent, well-educated citizens with the ability and confidence to make good choices, contributing positively to the world around them. I look forward to working with you for the duration of your child’s time with us and cannot wait for us to witness together all the great things they will achieve.

Paul Crook

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