Penistone Grammar School Inclusion Team is passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people.


We believe in teamwork; working with each other, with teachers and colleagues across the school, with the wider school community and most importantly with the young people in our school. We act with determination. Whatever issues our students, their families, the school, our team or the community face, we always support, react and pull together.


Finally, we are committed to making a difference; we are not passive players in young people’s lives but active participants who can and do make a real difference. These are a reflection of the school’s core values, in particular ‘Be Supportive’, ‘Be Determined’ and ‘Aim High’. Our moral purpose can be summarised as: Teamwork; Determination; Commitment.

What Inclusion Means To Us
•    The child stays at the centre of every conversation
•    We prioritise those who need our help most, but we intervene with all
•    When young people are here, we can support and educate them – attendance matters
•    Young people learn best when there are clear rules and simple consequences
•    Staff teach best when there are clear rules and simple consequences
•    We use evidence-based practice for all our interventions

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The Penistone Grammar School Inclusion Team is led by Mr A Gillett (Assistant Principal)

If you have any questions or queries for our team, they can be contacted at Attendance-related matters can be forwarded to whilst academic achievement questions can be sent to

All general school enquiries can be sent to


Mr A Gillett
Assistant Principal
(Safeguarding & Student Ethos)

Mr T Galvin
Head of Behaviour

Mrs E Howard
Head of Pastoral Care

Mrs E Butler
Head of Attendance / ASL (Pupil Premium)

Mrs G Atkinson
Attendance Administrator

Miss R Winspear
Inclusion Administrator

Mrs S Tomlin
Year 7 Student Support Officer

Mrs R Putsoane
Year 8 Student Support Officer

Miss G Wilson
Year 9 Student Support Officer

Mrs C Mann
Year 10 Student Support Officer

Miss L Bayne
Year 11 Student Support Officer (Lead)

Mrs C Harpham
Head of Saunderson

Miss K Downing
Head of Weirfield

Mr J Clegg
Head of Bowman

Head of Netherfield

Mr R Staniforth
Head of Fulford

Mr M Squires
Year 7 Achievement Leader

Mrs K Booker
Year 8 Achievement Leader

Mr B Schofield
Year 9 Achievement Leader

Mrs A Martin
Year 10 Achievement Leader

Mr B Dowle
Year 11 Achievement Leader