Values & Ethos

Be Determined

Be Brave

Be Supportive

Be Proud

Anything worth doing well requires real effort and the determination to learn from setbacks and try again. We believe that encouraging our students to deal with failure in the right way will enable them to do even better.

At Penistone Grammar School we are committed to Values Driven Education. This means we all live by our five Core Values:

Aim High; Be Determined; Be Brave; Be Supportive; Be Proud.

Our Core Values were developed in collaboration with students, parents, staff and Governors and are at the heart of all that we do. Our values give every member of our learning community a shared understanding  of how we should behave so that we can all be happy and successful.

Our Core Values are underpinned by an expectation that we should treat each other with honesty, integrity and respect. In assemblies, mentor time and many lessons, our students will have the opportunity to understand the importance of our values system, to apply this to their learning (and beyond), and to witness the positive impact of this.

As a Penistone Grammar School student, our young people will be expected to:

  • Aim high in everything they do and fully embrace our values system;

  • Be determined and demonstrate excellence;

  • Fully comply with our rewards-led ‘Values Driven’ expectations;

  • Make the most of every opportunity offered to them to ensure their educational experience is positive and one which they will remember for the rest of their lives.