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It's fantastic news that you've chosen to study A level Biology at PGS! We look forward to seeing you on results day (15 August 2024) ready to enrol you for your two years study of A level Biology. 

To keep you occupied over the summer and Biology in your mind ready for your studies I've created this page with lots of resources and guidance to prepare you for your course.

If you have any questions at all regarding the course please feel free to email me at

At PGS we study the Edexcel Salters Nuffield A level Biology Specification (also known as SNAB Biology).

The CGP Head Start to A level Biology is £3.71 on Amazon at the moment and worth a read.


We do issue you with A level textbooks for your first then second year of study. Some of you may want to purchase these if you are looking at studying Biology at University however they are expensive hence why we like to provide you with them, therefore not a crucial purchase.

There are a selection of revision guides for the course. The Pearson Revise revision guide is written by Edexcel and has a workbook which will help structuring your answers. You're all probably familiar with CGP and their revision guides from GCSE, these revision guides are excellent at explaining and demonstrating some difficult concepts in Biology and will last you the two years of the course.


How should I prepare for September?

To prepare you for A level Biology you must work through the A level Biology Transition Workbook (see documents section on this page). Teachers will check that this is completed at the end of week 3 in September. These are the key concepts from GCSE that you need to be familiar with. 

At the end of week 4 you will also complete an Introduction to A level Biology test (these will be GCSE style questions of key concepts) to check your Biology knowledge. Please keep reviewing your Biology revision notes or revision guides to prepare for this.

You may also want to have a look at some of the Maths content that we cover in the A level Biology Maths booklet (see documents section on this page). The exams do contain a higher proportion of Maths skills which are all teachable (hurray!). If you do not already own a scientific calculator you will also need to purchase one of these (we recommend this one).

I've attached a PDF to this page which has some good Biology reads if you're looking for something interesting to read which will help with your studies. It also has films on there! There are some shorter tasks with links too to help you which cover the key concepts.



I get asked this question a lot 'does it matter if I've done Trilogy Science and not separate Biology at GCSE?' The answer to this is, no it doesn't matter, however there will be some things that come up during your two years of study which you may not be familiar with if you did Trilogy. You may want to research those differences over the summer and use GCSE bitesize to look over those concepts. 


Any other questions please email me (


I look forward to seeing you all soon!

00. GCSE to A Level Transition Guide

01. GCSE to A Level Transition Workbook

02. Biology / Maths Student Guide

03. PIXEL Reads, Films and Tasks

A Level Biology Transition Work & Information

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