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Department Vision Statement

Penistone Grammar School's Performing Arts Curriculum offers an exciting, unique and enjoyable way for students to experience, perform and create Music and Drama. At KS3 in Music and Drama we aim to boost performance skills and attributes as a primary objective. Our curriculum is based heavily upon the fact that any area of Music and Drama needs a solid understanding of performance skills. This is our foundation on which to build further. Our curriculum will enable students to become more knowledgeable composers and devisers and when watching performances students are better equipped to analyse and make critical judgements about them. Our Curriculum in Performing Arts is very ambitious as we aim to help every student learn an instrument and every student build the self-confidence to call themselves a musician and a performer. We take great pride in the fact our curriculum is bespoke for every individual student, regardless of a student's previous performance / musical experience, preference of instrument or preference of role within a production, we cater for all our student's individuality. 

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