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Department Vision Statement

Exam Groups

Why: We aim to maintain a high level of achievement in Science at KS4 and 5. 

How: Using the KS4 and 5 exam specifications as frameworks, we aim to develop more advanced knowledge and therefore skills around practicals, home learning, independent learning and performance in assessments.  We aim to evaluate the effectiveness of each system using tracking data and QA.


  1. Practicals: KS4 Required Practicals (RPs)  --> KS5 Practical Endorsement (CPAC)

  2. Home learning:  KS4 GCSE PPQs --> KS5 A-level PPQs

  3. Tests: KS4 topic tests and practice exams --> KS5 topic tests and practice exams

  4. Independent learning: KS4 revision reward days --> KS5 self-study

  5. Intervention and support: KS4 CtG and tracking data informs wave 1 teacher intervention in the classroom, students who are selected for 'Bump up Your Grade' and students who require extra support from JWA e.g. mentor time. --> KS5 RAP, drop ins and support after school.  Support on Frog: learner pathways, FrogPlay quizzes, revision support, textbook pages, RP sites, question practice."

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